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Happy husband. Proud father. Systems engineering consultant, and former U.S. Air Force officer. A music fan, science fiction nut, geek, and die-hard Mac user who grudgingly deals with Windows at work only because his employer and clients aren’t enlightened enough to move to Mac OS X.

Tonymacx86 includes an interesting thread on using the Clover UEFI boot loader for mackintosh: ultrazones guide for Z77X-UD5H + Mavericks + Clover UEFI mode.

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These two articles – Multi Environment WordPress wp-config.php and One wp-config for Multiple Servers — provide nice configurations for automatically switching between development, staging, and live deployments of WordPress.

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Amazon’s Video Event Tomorrow

Just thinking out loud… What if Amazon’s video event tomorrow goes in an unexpected direction? 1. Lots of rumors of both a set-top box (a la AppleTV) and an HDMI dongle (a la Chromecast). 2. Game controller rumors. 3. Rumors … Continue reading

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Rampagedev has posted step-by-step instructions on how to install install OS X 10.9 Mavericks on a Hackintosh with the Clover boot loader (as well as with MyHack).

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13 Sources For Free Public Domain and CC0-Licensed Images looks like it points to some great image libraries.

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ScreenSleeves uses album art from the tracks you are playing from iTunes or Spotify to provide your screensaver. Mac only.

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Integrity for Mac OS X

Easily find your website’s broken links with Integrity for Mac OS X. This app will check every link in your website to make sure they still work!

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Network Rockstar has some tips, and scripts, that should help speed up CrashPlan Backups by changing a configuration parameter. Seems to work fairly well…

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DreamHost PHP.INI installer

This DreamHost PHP.INI installer makes it very easy to set custom memory and filesize upload limits on a DreamHost shared hosting configuration. Very useful for WordPress installs.

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The Hackintosh Way – Part 3

I’ve slowly added back in some of the additional hardware I got for this machine, ensuring that everything works smoothly across the way. I also set up the machine to use my machine’s iTunes library in order to test fullscreen … Continue reading

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