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This site was pretty useful to me in figuring out how to replace the stereo and speakers in my 2005 Toyota Highlander. Ultimately the stereo was replaced by a shop, but I might do a future speaker upgrade myself…

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Wookieepedia has a great list of Star Wars novels by release date, including a link to a list of upcoming novels.

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This is a pretty cool approach to using extra space above a garage door for storage.

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Lifehacker Car-Buying Tips

This Lifehacker article on using Kelly Blue Book online via a cellphone saved someone money has links to other helpful car-buying tips. Worth a read.

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Blast From the Past – My eWorld Review

When I was in college, I somehow managed to get a review of Apple’s then-new eWorld online service published in the venerable TidBITS Mac newsletter. I just stumbled across a link to the write-up — TidBITS : First Impressions of … Continue reading

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I discovered the often-hilarious, nearly always sarcastic Chuck Lorre Productions Vanity Cards after the end credits of Two and a Half Men on syndication. A fun read, and your fingers won’t get tired from hitting the DVR pause button at … Continue reading

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I enjoy xkcd a lot.

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“Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?”

I’ve been a fan of Pinky and the Brain since they first debuted on the Animaniacs cartoons while I was in college. For an example of their wit and wisdom, just look at my new quotes widget in the footer … Continue reading

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Fixing the Fridge

My family owns a Whirlpool side-by-side fridge (model ED25RFXFW03) that came with the house when we bought it four years ago. It died within the first week, but a repairman was able to fix it for about $150. Problem solved. … Continue reading

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