iPod Shuffle Unboxing

In November 2006, I took photos of my then-brand-new second-generation iPod Shuffle as I unboxed it to start drooling on using it. Since then, it’s pretty much replaced my old iPod 20GB (the first one with the touch wheel), since I don’t find myself as able to listen to hours and hours of music at a stretch as I used to. I originally purchased this Shuffle as a “bridge” iPod between my 20GB unit (which has a headset jack that seems to have slightly bad connections to the motherboard anymore) and whatever the full-screen video iPod turns out to be (you know, hopefully the “iPhone with a 120GB hard drive where the phone guts were ripped out” model that die-hard iPod fans are waiting for). I may actually be able to wait for the second iteration of the fabled “true” video iPod instead of lusting after the first model Apple introduces — I like my Shuffle that much.

Anyway, this thing is cool. So it’s about time I got these pictures online–no matter how late to the party I am.

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