Blast From the Past – My eWorld Review

When I was in college, I somehow managed to get a review of Apple’s then-new eWorld online service published in the venerable TidBITS Mac newsletter. I just stumbled across a link to the write-up — TidBITS : First Impressions of a Brave New eWorld — and enjoyed going back and reading what might be considered one of my earliest “blog” posts.

Some favorite excerpts:

I ordered my free eWorld software through one of the reply cards in one of the many Mac magazines, and it arrived within two weeks. Installing the software on the two disks was simple, and required virtually no instruction if you’re familiar with the standard Mac installation process.

Hmmm…software that arrives within two weeks? Wow, this article is old…

The local access numbers I could automatically find during the set-up procedure (done by the software calling an 800 number) were only 2400 bps lines – a shame when 9600 bps access carries no surcharge.

For comparison, today I have a 20Mbps download speed through Verizon FiOS. That’s just a bit faster…

Right now, the only Internet connectivity is through the email gateway, although Apple promises more services (presumably like FTP, WAIS, and Gopher) and TCP/IP connections, such as those AOL has been testing, in 1995.

If you remember what WAIS and Gopher are without resorting to Wikipedia, you are officially a geek. 🙂

One of the most fun things about this review for me was getting it published — on paper, no less — in a European Mac newsletter of some kind (German or Norwegian or something — I don’t remember). I wonder if I still have the copy they sent me?…

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