Fooling iTunes to Sync Other Video Formats to Apple TV

After dealing with all kinds of hacks and transcoders to get unsupported video formats on my Apple TV, I stumbled across the Apple TV Fooler scripts at Awkward TV. This set of scripts takes advantage of a method of combining a tiny, empty QuickTime movie file with the main video in the unsupported codec. Doing so allows you to load the video into iTunes and play it, and also fools iTunes and Apple TV into syncing the video to Apple TV if you so desire.

Now, you do still need to hack your Apple TV to take advantage of this (namely, by installing and perhaps other codecs to support the video playback) and you must also have these codecs installed on your Mac…but this is VERY cool, and will minimize my need for Boxee, NitoTV, or other hacks to watch cool stuff on my Apple TV. Highly recommended.

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