HighPoint RAID Cards for Mac and Linux

I’m thinking of getting a RocketRAID 1740 card from HighPoint Technologies. Why? Well, I just got a hand-me-down x86 box to use as a home server, and I am thinking of stuffing a bunch of 1TB SATA drives into it for use as NAS box. Then when I upgrade my current PowerMac G4 to something more current, I can move the card and drives into my old PowerMac and use it for the server instead. HighPoint seems to be one of the few budget RAID card vendors that makes a RAID5 card supported both under Linux and Mac OS X (including updated Leopard drivers). Not sure if the array would still function though — I should send a question to their tech support.

Oh — yes, they support Windows too. But who cares? 🙂

For future reference — product info is available here, and NewEgg carries the card for about $125.

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