Reinstall a Working Hulu in Boxee

While Hulu’s content owners thought it might be a good idea to cut off Boxee users from accessing the service, it was quick enough for someone to work around and put together a plugin to reinstall a working Hulu in Boxee. This works for both Apple TV and Mac versions of Boxee. Hulu’s content owners (read: corporate parents, NBC and Fox) need to get with the program — the Internet is NOT TV. It works DIFFERENTLY.

After all, I’d never buy a DVD set of something like Twin Peaks — but I might just watch it online if all I have to do is sit through a couple short ads. Multiply that revenue increase ($0 for never buying the DVDs versus whatever they get for the couple of ad impressions) by thousands of users, and they’ll get additional dollars on a fairly large scale over time.

In this economic climate, turning down even incremental revenues by making your content easier to access via Hulu than it is via BitTorrent — where they get NO revenue — is irresponsible and could even be considered an abandonment of their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders.

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