Amazon’s Video Event Tomorrow

Just thinking out loud…

What if Amazon’s video event tomorrow goes in an unexpected direction?

1. Lots of rumors of both a set-top box (a la AppleTV) and an HDMI dongle (a la Chromecast).
2. Game controller rumors.
3. Rumors – immediately denied – of a free TV streaming service.
4. A $20 annual price hike on Amazon Prime, which includes a steaming video library.
5. A proven ability and willingness to sell hardware at or slightly below cost to build share and profit later on sell-through of other Amazon products (a la Kindle).

Amazon is launching a video device – that seems pretty certain. And they are launching into a crowded field and need to stand out. So what if you combine different parts of the facts and rumors listed above?

Here’s my prediction of what could be a pretty radical announcement from Amazon tomorrow…

“Starting to ship out tomorrow, Amazon will ship a free Kindle TV HDMI device to every Amazon Prime member. Additional devices will be available for $30 each. Each dongle will ship with access to the full Amazon Prime video library, as well as the ability to rent and purchase other videos from our extensive library of movies and TV.

“Of course, users will also be able to access music and video from their Amazon cloud accounts. And each Kindle TV will come with other apps built in for access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify with universal search across all content sources. More apps will roll out from other partners in the coming months.

“And for those who are interested in gaming, we have a solution as well – Kindle TV Plus. Kindle TV Plus is a small set-top box that ships with two game controllers, and a library of games from free to paid offerings including many of the top hits available on iOS and Android. Kindle TV Plus includes all the features of Kindle TV, and is available tomorrow starting at $99 each – or $79 each for Prime members.”

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