The Hackintosh Way – Part 3

I’ve slowly added back in some of the additional hardware I got for this machine, ensuring that everything works smoothly across the way. I also set up the machine to use my machine’s iTunes library in order to test fullscreen video playback there, where I was getting a black screen but could hear audio. Here’s what I did:

  • Hooked up power and SATA to my two optical drives (DVD writer, BluRay player with DVD writer combo); installed Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. Restarted. Paired Magic Trackpad to the computer successfully, confirmed optical drives are visible to the system.
  • Ran Software Update to get the latest version of iTunes and a couple other things (I checked online at Tonymacx86 to ensure all available updates were safe to install – they were).
  • Launched iTunes to test video playback there — video was great, but I had no sound at all!!! Then I remembered that I had actually assign sound output to a device (internal speaker) to get it working. Whew!
  • Instaled FireWire card to get both two FW800 and one FW400 ports on the machine. (Motherboard has a header for FW400 only, but I couldn’t find the right port bracket only to use with the headers.) System sees both the busses just fine from the card. Tested system sleep/wake, works great even when clicking the Magic Trackpad to wake.
  • Connected a USB3 hard drive, mounts fine and shows as available on a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed bus.
  • Set up all my System Preferences so that once I clone the working system for an archive point prior to installing all my applications, everything will be set up the way I want it. Also created other user accounts I need.
  • Cloned the system to a 32GB USB key to capture my setpoint backup.
  • Downloaded purchased apps from the Mac App Store. Had an initial problem where the App Store wouldn’t let me install — the buttons were greyed out. Turns out I still had a backup drive from previous Hackintosh installation attempts connected up and the App Store figured they were all installed already as a result. Quit the App Store, ejected the drive, and relaunched the App Store to make it all work.

After I got some of this initial setup work out of the way, I downloaded and installed Geekbench to get a reading on just how fast this system is without any overclocking. I scored a 14082 – compared to the 2007-era Mac mini I was running, which scores a ~3000. That’s nearly a five-fold improvement — not too shabby!

xMac Geekbench Score: 14,082

My new Hackintosh build, called “xMac”, scored over 14,000 on Geekbench!

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