SR-Wrapper Shortcode Plugin

This is my second WordPress plugin, which was necessitated by developing the first. When I tried writing instructions for my first shortcode plugin, I realized that describing its usage in a post or a page was going to be difficult, because WordPress kept trying to process it. So I wrote this plugin to take advantage of the fact that shortcode processing is not recursive, making it easy to write the instructions for my first plugin!


You can always download the latest version of this plugin by clicking the image below.


For other versions, visit the SR-Wrapper entry in the WordPress Plugin Directory.


To start using the [wrapper] shortcode, install it by uploading the sr-wrapper folder to your wp-content/plugins directory and then activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Then just start using the shortcode in your pages!


Just wrap whatever shortcode you’re trying to describe in your post inside enclosing [childpages] codes like this:

[shortcode_example attribute='bold']Hi!![/shortcode_example]

WHen the page is rendered, you’ll just end up with:

[shortcode_example attribute='bold']Hi!![/shortcode_example]

Again, my thanks goes out to the WordPress community, who collectively strive to ensure that WordPress is an highly capable and easy-to-use web content management platform. And yes, this plugin was much easier to write than my first one. 🙂

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